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Jaa 4 years ago
Fucking small cok
jl (lasthokag) 7 years ago
what that wahhaha I'm feel emb,,,for that situtation ,,, LOL
Stever 8 years ago
Smallest dick in the world. But she is hot.
2 years ago
5 cm dick ! Is it reasonable !!! Whahahah !!!!
james 9 years ago
the funniest cock i've ever seen hahahaha oh men!!!!
buddy 9 years ago
what a fucking dick o my gush, failed!!!!!
Wow 9 years ago
That guy must be rich and owns a Rolls Royce because no woman would fuck a baby dick it's embarrassing even for her
BIGDAVE 9 years ago
Haha should have fingered her would have been bigger poor girl cute buts needs a cock she can enjoy
Eh Whoul 9 years ago
Shes cute but deserves bigger.
Mr Idam 9 years ago
Well at least he's getting some compared to you fuckwits